Welcome to Wild Thing Expeditions!

So, who the heck am I?

My name is Lisa Liljeberg, and I have almost always lived “outside the status quo”.
I wouldn’t say that I consciously challenged the status quo…I simply didn’t fit in.

Goodness knows, I tried to fit in. I wanted to fit in! I was a cheerleader in high school. I was first runner up and Miss Congeniality in the local Junior Miss Pageant. I was in a sorority at university. I decided to study nursing (not medicine, even though I had the grades!) because it would allow me to have children and be a mother. I was following all the “rules” of the status quo…

​Thankfully, at some point, I woke up! Well, at least enough to realize that all of that wasn’t me. I changed my major to Spanish because I loved languages. Then I changed it to German because I wanted to learn another language. I did a year of study abroad in Germany and then I graduated…oh boy…now what?!

Waitressing, of course! Then, “by chance”, I waited on a group of Germans who were a flight crew from Lufthansa. “Why don’t you apply? You speak perfect German!” Why not indeed?!

Two years later, after living in Germany, and flying literally all over the globe, I returned home to California, leaving my German ex-fiancé behind… now what?!

Waitressing, of course!  Definitely not status quo for a university graduate! Definitely not what my father expected.  And to add to his confusion, I discovered I was in love with a woman! Most definitely not status quo!

Fast forward a bit, and here I am, living the “dream life” in Italy, on a small olive farm, with my partner of 37 years.

What happened in the interim? In a nutshell, I followed my heart, my intuition, my interests and my dreams and did whatever it took to take them from dream to reality.

​I have been an international hiking and biking guide for the past 20 years. I’ve led adventures in Brazil, Patagonia, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Tanzania. I have lived in Germany, Hawaii, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and now Italy for the past 12 years. I speak German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

​Although I am American, I consider myself a “citizen of the World.” In fact, it was through my travels that I realized I wanted to do more than just lead amazing adventures.

​That’s why Wild Thing Expeditions was born! Today, I design all my expeditions to be profound and life-changing. And since I’m also a Certified Life Coach and Certified PRINT® Coach, I routinely add an element of depth and understanding — not to mention practical life tips and tools — that give my trips a unique kind of staying power. 

Bottom line? 

  • Since I’m the Chief Daredreamer and Instigator of Fun and Adventure,
  • Since my motto is “Enlighten up! Life is meant to be fun!” 
  • Since my mission is to help you create a life you never want to retire from…​

Rest assured you’re in good hands and about to embark on the adventure of your life!”

So now, the only question remains…are you a Wild Thing too?

Yes I am! Sign me up to the pack, so I can get all the latest news about upcoming trips!

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